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Expanding Your Fleet: Navigating Insurance for 11-24 Units

As your trucking business enters the realm of 11 to 24 units, the complexity and opportunities within insurance coverage expand significantly. At Commercial Trucking Insurance, we specialize in crafting insurance programs that not only meet the needs of established fleets, but also the unique needs of rapidly growing fleets but also provide the security and flexibility necessary to thrive in the competitive trucking industry. Rapid Growth and Insurance: Tailoring to Your Fleet’s Needs

Rapid Expansion (Under 3 Years in Business)

For fleets that have experienced rapid growth to 11-24 units in under three years, finding the right insurance coverage can be challenging due to the limited options available. However, our access to special markets caters to businesses experiencing unlimited growth, ensuring that your expansion is not hindered by insurance roadblocks.

Established Fleets (Over 3 Years in Business)

Businesses operating for more than three years with a fleet size of 11-24 units find themselves in a favorable position when it comes to insurance:

Enhanced Coverage Options for Mid-Size Fleets

Hired Non-Owned & Reporting Forms

Hired Non-Owned (HNO) insurance and Reporting Forms are critical components of a comprehensive commercial auto insurance strategy, especially for growing trucking businesses. HNO insurance provides coverage for vehicles that your company does not own but are used for business purposes, such as rented or employee-owned vehicles. This type of coverage is indispensable for companies that rely on a mix of owned and non-owned vehicles for their operations, ensuring that the business is protected against liabilities arising from accidents involving these vehicles. Reporting Forms, on the other hand, offer a flexible way to manage insurance for fleets, allowing businesses to report and adjust their coverage based on the actual usage and composition of their fleet over time, typically they pay by month based on revenue or mileage driven. This flexibility is crucial for businesses with fluctuating vehicle usage or those that experience rapid growth, as it ensures that coverage remains aligned with current needs without the constant need for policy adjustments. Together, Hired Non-Owned insurance and Reporting Forms provide a dynamic and efficient approach to managing commercial auto insurance risks, tailored to the unique demands of the trucking industry.

Superior Cargo Policies and Flexibility

Technology and Discounts

Why Choose Commercial Trucking Insurance?

At Commercial Trucking Insurance, we understand the dynamics of operating a mid-size fleet in the trucking industry. Our commitment is to provide tailored insurance solutions that support your business’s growth, mitigate risks, and enhance operational flexibility. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by fleets of 11-24 units, we stand ready to partner with you in securing the future of your trucking operation.