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Fuel Cards

Understanding Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are specialized payment cards that trucking companies use to manage fuel purchases and maintenance expenses for their fleets. These cards offer several benefits, including convenience, the ability to monitor and control spending, and access to discounts and rewards programs. They can significantly streamline the management of fuel expenses, one of the largest operational costs in the trucking industry.

How Fuel Cards Work

Popular Fuel Card Companies for Trucking

1. WEX Fleet Card

2. Shell Fleet Plus Card

3. Fuelman MasterCard

4. TCS Fuel Card

5. EFS Fuel Card

Considerations When Choosing a Fuel Card


Fuel cards are an essential tool for trucking companies, offering a way to manage one of their most significant expenses more effectively. By comparing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of different fuel card companies, trucking businesses can find the best solution to meet their needs, save money, and keep their operations running smoothly.