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Non-Trucking Liability/Bobtail

Understanding the Difference Between Bobtail and Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Welcome to Commercial Trucking Insurance! As experts in the field, we’re here to shed light on two essential types of coverage for commercial truck drivers: bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance. Understanding the nuances of these policies can make all the difference in protecting your assets and ensuring peace of mind on the road.

Bobtail Insurance:

Bobtail insurance is your go-to when you’re hitting the road without a trailer in tow. Picture it as your safety net during those in-between moments, whether you’re heading home after a long haul or moving between assignments. While your carrier’s insurance may cover you during active duty, bobtail insurance steps in to protect you and your rig during those off-duty moments. It’s a crucial safeguard for owner-operators and independent contractors who want to ensure comprehensive coverage no matter the circumstances.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance:

Now, let’s talk about non-trucking liability insurance, often referred to colloquially as “bobtail insurance” (although they’re not exactly the same!). This coverage kicks in when your truck is being used for personal purposes outside of your commercial operations. Think of it as your shield during those moments when you’re running personal errands or taking your rig out for a spin on your own time. It covers bodily injury and property damage liabilities, providing you with the peace of mind you need for both business and personal use.

Why You Should Have This Coverage:

Investing in bobtail and non-trucking liability insurance is not just a smart move—it’s a must for any savvy truck driver. Here’s why:

Our Commitment to You

At Commercial Trucking Insurance, we’re dedicated to providing you with the tailored coverage solutions you need to thrive in the trucking industry. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the intricacies of bobtail and non-trucking liability insurance, helping you find the perfect policies to suit your unique needs.

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