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Commercial Trucking Insurance

CTI was created by Dream Assurance to help be at the forefront of insurance solutions for truckers. From the ground up we have assembled a team of trucking insurance professionals, client advisors and a service team to help make sure that you’re covered as you navigate North America’s highways. 

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An allstar Alliance of Insurance companies

Commercial Trucking Insurance set out to seek partnerships with the leading transportation insurance companies across the United States to ensure that we can provide class leading value and service to the truckers that keep American moving. You can see more about our carriers here.

Navigating the Coverage Maze

Not every company has the same insurance needs as the next, that is why we have partnered with the best so our professional trucking agents can assist you in determining the coverages you need. Some of the most common coverage options are listed below: 


Auto Liability: This is the coverage that helps protect you from liabilities in the event  you are at fault, or partially at fault in an accident. 

General Liability: This is coverage to protect the base operations from accidents that happen on premises, in addition to many more coverage types. 

Cargo Coverage: This helps protect you from liability in the event something happens to the cargo while you are hauling it. 

Physical Damage: This coverage protects you from any economic loss from your vehicle being damaged. It will help get the vehicle repaired or replaced. 

Non-Trucking Liability: This is coverage typically required when you’re leasing onto a motor carrier and need physical damage and coverage for liability when you are not operating under their DOT.