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Insurance Solutions for 25+ Units

For trucking companies operating with 25 or more units, securing the right insurance coverage becomes both a priority and a challenge. At Commercial Trucking Insurance, we specialize in building insurance programs that not only meet the vast needs of large fleets but also provide the competitive edge necessary in today’s market. Our expertise lies in navigating the complex landscape of commercial trucking insurance to secure coverage that supports your business’s growth and operational requirements.

Access to Premier Pricing and Carriers

With a fleet size of 25+, your business stands at the forefront of obtaining the most competitive insurance pricing options available. Our network encompasses nearly every carrier in the market, each willing to quote for large fleets, ensuring you receive the best rates coupled with comprehensive coverage.

Typical Experience Requirements

While the industry standard typically requires businesses to have over three years of operational history, Commercial Trucking Insurance understands that exceptional cases exist. We have access to select markets ready to make exceptions for the right accounts, offering flexibility to newer companies demonstrating strong potential and responsible management.

Reporting Forms -Dynamic Billing Aligned with Your Business Activity

One of the unique advantages for fleets exceeding 25 units is the introduction of a monthly billing cycle based on a reporting form. This system adjusts your premiums in alignment with your fleet’s mileage and revenue, ensuring that your insurance costs directly correlate with your business activity. Whether your revenue fluctuates or your operational mileage varies, your payments adjust accordingly, providing a fair and balanced approach to insurance billing.

Comprehensive Support and Risk Management

Larger fleets enjoy enhanced support from insurance providers, including:

Why Choose Commercial Trucking Insurance for Your Large Fleet?

At Commercial Trucking Insurance, we’re not just about securing policies; we’re about building partnerships that drive your business forward. Our tailored programs for large fleets are designed with your specific needs in mind, from competitive pricing to flexible billing and beyond. With a focus on risk management, safety, and operational flexibility, we ensure your fleet is not just insured but optimized for success.

Empower Your Fleet with Tailored Insurance Solutions

Your fleet deserves insurance coverage that grows with you, adapts to your needs, and supports your business objectives. Contact Commercial Trucking Insurance today to explore how our customized insurance programs can secure and enhance your operations. Together, let’s drive your trucking business into a future of security, efficiency, and profitability.