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24/7 COI

A certificate of insurance (COI), also known as a certificate of liability insurance or proof of insurance, is a document issued by an insurance company or broker that verifies the existence of an insurance policy and summarizes its key details.

How to Get Certificate of Insurance

Commercial Trucking Insurance, powered by Dream Assurance, offers a 24/7 COI service , which provides convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind for businesses operating in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. 

If you have an account with us, please proceed to our self-service log in below.

Set Up Login:

Create your password and click “Save” 2.Your username is your email address.

Send COI Click on “Send Certification“, in the top right.

Enter COI Holders Information Enter Name and Address of the company you are creating the COI for. This Information Will Be Saved. Add Vehicles

Add Vehicles on this page. Send COI

  1. The subject line is filled for you or you can change it.
  2. You may enter a message to COI “Email Body Message“.
  3. To send your COI. Click “Send Certificate“
  4. Your COI will be sent the certificate holder you just set up and you will receive a copy for you records.
  5. You may log back into your client portal at anytime to review sent COIs and send new ones.

Confirmation To review COI’s sent:

  1. Click on “Other” on the right side of the page
  2. Then click “Certificates Sent”
  3. This will show your list of COI’s you have sent.


You may also download a copy of any and all of the COI’s you have created. Otherwise, here’s how you can set up your log in and get your COI in no time.

24/7 Certificate of Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a certificate of insurance (COI) important?

In the trucking industry, a certificate of insurance (COI) is crucial for multiple reasons. 

1. Legal Requirement:

2. Business Necessity:

3. Liability Protection:

4. Additional Benefits:

How often should I update my COI?

You can update your COI whenever your policy changes (renewal, added/removed coverage, cancellation) or regulations/client requirements demand. Even if not mandated, yearly updates are good practice. Keep readily available copies and communicate changes promptly. Stay informed, stay compliant!

Is there a difference between a COI and an insurance policy?

Yes! A Certificate of Insurance is a proof of insurance that you can show others while your insurance policy is the full legal agreement with full details, which is usually confidential.