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Benefits of Inland Marine Insurance

truck covered by inland marine insurance

Whether you find yourself in the role of a trucker, a trucking company owner, or both, your work revolves around the field of transportation. Yet, when you take custody of any form of cargo, equipment, or property, it becomes your responsibility. Despite your best efforts to prevent mishaps, accidents are not always avoidable, making it essential to safeguard your cargo with robust insurance coverage.

Inland marine insurance, a unique form of protection, holds significance for all truckers. This coverage ensures that property in your possession is adequately insured during transit, regardless of whether it belongs to you or someone else.

What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

The term “marine” in inland marine insurance may seem perplexing, considering its historical ties to waterborne shipping in America. However, as transportation methods have evolved to encompass railroads, roadways, and air travel, this insurance has adapted accordingly. Today, inland marine insurance serves the needs of commercial shippers, including truckers, offering a means to protect the goods they transport and compensate the owners in the event of damage or loss. Let’s explore some of the advantages of this coverage.

Inland Marine Insurance Shields Your Liability

Truckers strive to drive safely and handle cargo with the utmost care. Nevertheless, accidents, theft, or fire damage are unpredictable realities. Regardless of the circumstances, damage to your cargo can have the same financial repercussions, and the cargo owner may rightfully expect compensation. Thus, inland marine insurance offers the necessary benefits to aid in covering these expenses, sparing you from personal financial burdens.

Coverage Extends Beyond Active Driving

Inland marine insurance not only safeguards your cargo while in transit but also during other phases of transportation. Numerous potential hazards can harm goods outside of transit, such as when:

  1. Items are stored in a warehouse, where unforeseen events might occur.
  2. Cargo sustains damage during loading or unloading operations.
  3. There’s a risk of internal theft by an employee of your company.

In these scenarios, the loss to the cargo owner remains consistent, making inland marine insurance a crucial tool for providing proper compensation.

It's Not Limited to Others' Cargo​

Inland marine insurance doesn’t restrict itself to covering someone else’s property. It can also protect a business’s specialized equipment when transported away from its premises. For example, if your business produces electronic equipment for clients, this coverage offers protection for these items during transport and while they are on the customer’s premises.

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