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Understanding Physical Damage Coverage for Trucks

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Truck owners know their vehicles are more than just machines; they’re the engines of their livelihood. Protecting that investment means understanding the ins and outs of physical damage insurance.

This article will guide you through the crucial aspects of coverage, ensuring you hit the road with confidence.

Physical Damage Coverage for Trucks: Your Safety Net

Physical damage insurance for trucks, broadly speaking, safeguards your vehicle against unexpected financial headaches caused by physical harm. This umbrella term encompasses two main types of coverage: collision and comprehensive.

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Comprehensive And Collision Coverage: The Main Pillars Of Physical Damage Insurance Coverage

There are two main types of physical damage insurance available for truckers: collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage

Collision physical damage coverage acts as a financial shield for your truck when it comes to accidents involving physical contact.

Collision insurance steps in to reimburse you for repairs if your truck bumps, bangs, physical damages, or gets scraped against anything that isn’t your own two feet.

Here’s a breakdown of what collision coverage typically covers:

Comprehensive coverage

Unlike collision coverage, which focuses on accidents involving other vehicles or objects, comprehensive coverage expands its protective shield to encompass a broader spectrum of threats.

Consider it a multi-layered defense system safeguarding your investment against:

Who Needs Physical Damage Insurance?

Every truck owner needs to consider physical damage insurance for peace of mind and financial protection. It’s particularly crucial for:

Truck owners who rely on their vehicle for income: Whether you’re a solo trucker or run a fleet, a damaged truck can mean lost income. Physical damage coverage ensures you get back on the road quickly and minimize financial losses.

Truck owners with significant financial investments: Trucks are expensive assets. Protecting your investment against unforeseen damage is essential.

Truck owners who finance their vehicles: Most lenders require borrowers to carry physical damage insurance to protect their investment.

What is Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage?

Although it is one of the optional coverages, if your business operates a fleet of trucks or trailers, you might require hired auto physical damage coverage. This covers damage to vehicles you don’t own but have contractual responsibility for, like leased or rented trucks.

It essentially functions like collision and comprehensive coverage combined, protecting you from financial burdens due to damage caused by accidents, theft, weather events, and more.

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Who is Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage For?

Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage (HAPD) can be beneficial for various individuals and entities in the trucking industry, but it primarily targets two key groups:

Trucking Companies


Where to get Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage coverage for trucks is a vital investment for anyone who relies on their vehicle for their livelihood or personal well-being.

By understanding the different types of coverage available and considering your specific needs, you can choose the best insurance that keeps you running smoothly, mile after mile. Contact us and request an INSTANT quote for your Premium Control Plan. We shop through 30+ carriers to get you the best commercial trucking insurance deal we find.